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LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione Review

Updated: Jul 7

Today, we're reviewing the LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914), which is currently available on Shop@Home, Amazon, and various third party retailers for $24.99 (USD). This year's line features a brand new chassis and a lot of conveniently printed elements, like headlights, taillights, and of course canopies as well—however, the sets are not without their stickers.

The LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914) clocks in at a whopping 22 stickers including some 1x2 bits that could have easily been printed instead. Luckily, there aren't really any tricky ones, besides sticker 22, which is used to cover part of the new 2x4 round tile element, and which can be tricky to lineup properly. Some nice new printed elements are included as well, a 1x1 round taillight tile and a 1x1 curved tile with the Ferrari prancing pony decal, used in the seat.


lego ferrari 812 competizione

Bag 1's contents start off with the LEGO Ferrari Minifigure, a man in a work shirt with the standard wrench tool and helmet. This Minfig has some nice styling and features the Ferrari Prancing Horse logo on the left lapel.

It seems like LEGO only really ever uses the same hairstyle for SPEED CHAMPIONS MinifiguresI suspect mostly due to the fact that it is one of the only hair pieces that fits in the canopy of the 8-stud LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS cars. I wish they'd offer a little more variety in the Minifigure department as this guy's smirk is flooding my LEGO head storage bins.

Moving on to the build, the updated chassis offers some greater stability for the mudguards and the Technic, Brick 2 x 6 x 1 1/3 with Axle Holes, and makes the overall build stronger.

Predominantly, Bag 1 is tasked with building the rear end, which puts to use some new and interesting build techniques, like inverting a 2x2 Bracket and using 30 1 x 2 (and 1 x 1) x 2/3 slopes on each side to give it an indented look.

The rear taillights on the LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914) also deploys an interesting inverted build design that takes two Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on Sides and layers a Wedge, Plate 2 x 2 Cut Corner on the bottom with a curved 1 x 2 macaroni tile on the top. The interior detailing is pretty basic, with only two tiles with studs as seats and a decaled 1 x 2 curved slope piece as the center console. One of the strangest design choices made were the use of 2 LEGO Minifigure, Weapon Bazooka, Mini Blaster / Shooter as exhaust pipes.


Bag 2 contains the elements necessary for building the front half of the LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS