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LEGO Icons Moving Truck GWP Review

Updated: Jul 7

LEGO Moving Truck GWP

Today, we're going to be reviewing the LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586), which is currently available as a Gift With Purchase (GWP) on Shop@Home, with qualifying purchases of $180 or more. It's a nice little set that includes some nice brick-built furniture, a nice sized moving truck, and also makes a few allusions to the LEGO Creator Expert Jazz Club--by way of a box sticker and also a painting that depicts a saxophone.

LEGO Moving Truck GWP

LEGO Moving Truck GWP

Bag one's contents start off with the first LEGO minifigure, a man in a sweater with a dolly, and then continues on with the building of the brick-built furniture.

The dolly build is a nice quick little build that's really effective, and utilizes a red 2x4 inverted tile piece to achieve the smooth slanted effect.

Some other cool techniques used here are the use of a 2x2 window with tan glass insert as an open drawer on the console table and also a nice lampshade usage of the cupcake element found in LEGO Friends sets. A nice little ode to the LEGO Creator Expert Jazz Club can be found on the moving box that's labeled 'To: Jazz Club' along with a less on-the-nose ode via the saxophone wall art also included. Of course, the upright piano and jukebox could also be used in the Creator Expert Jazz Club as well.

LEGO Moving Truck GWP

Bag two contains the elements necessary for building the moving truck, and include the second and final LEGO minifigure--a woman in blue coveralls. The build for the truck is pretty straightforward, with the exception of a nice technique used for the grill which takes 5 2x2 dishes in light bluish gray and stacks them, then overlays with a curved slope for a nice finish.

LEGO icons Moving Truck GWP

One of the coolest aspects of the LEGO Icons Moving Truck GWP is that you can actually fit all of the furniture in the back of the truck--which is not very realistic, because if you've ever moved in the past there's never enough room for all your stuff!

All-in-all, when you stack this up against past LEGO GWPs, I'd say it's a pretty solid gift even when you consider the purchase threshold of $180 (USD).

It has a lot of functionality, playability, and versatility, and would make a great little scene in any MOC city. Time's running out as the LEGO Icons Moving Truck GWP is only available until March 3rd, or until supplies last, so if you've been on the fence up to this point you'll need to make a decision soon!