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LEGO CITY Sets Coming in 2023: Summer Wave

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

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We now have some new details on which LEGO CITY Sets to expect in the second half of 2023. According to Instagram user 1414falconfan, there will be 13 new LEGO CITY Sets coming in Summer 2023. It seems that we'll be seeing a return to what the central theme was intended: building a bustling LEGO CITY that contains all the details and realism one would expect to find in a city. We'll be seeing the addition of a new LEGO CITY Urban Skate Park (60364), LEGO CITY Apartment Building (60365), and LEGO CITY Urban Center (60380)—just to name a few. Most likely the LEGO CITY Apartment Building (60365), which will only contain 688 parts and retail for $79.99 (USD), will be a dollhouse type build with an exposed backside, similar to the likes of LEGO CITY Family House (60291); which shares a similar piece count and cost to that of this upcoming set. As with previous years' releases, we can expect to see this wave hitting Shop@Home and certain major retailers beginning in June 2023. Scroll on below to view the full table with all the known details.

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LEGO CITY Sets Coming in 2023

As always, these set details and prices are merely a rumor at this point and may prove to be just that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!

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