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LEGO Stranger Things: New Sets Coming in 2022

According to a few different sources, 2022 will be bringing new LEGO Stranger Things sets to Shop@Home. New additions to the LEGO Stranger Things Theme have been rumored since The LEGO Group shared a cryptic Social Media post back in May 2021 featuring a remake of the Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer in LEGO.

At the time of the cryptic post, one Twitter user replied to the video asking for an update, to which The LEGO Group replied, "Stay tuned..."—well, we've stayed tuned and it seems we're going to be getting a few new sets in 2022. According to brick_clicker, in 2022 we'll be getting a LEGO Stranger Things Brickheadz set, which will be a dual-pack, and also a Demogorgon keychain modeled after the Minifigure from the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810). According to their post, they also implied that we'll be getting more in 2022, the details of which they haven't supplied at this time.

LEGO Stranger Things Sets Coming in 2022

40549 Brickheadz: Stranger Things N/A parts $19.99 January 1, 2022

853*** Demogorgon Keychain N/A parts $5.99 January 1, 2022

As always, this is merely a rumor and may prove to be just that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!


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