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LEGO Star Wars: Battle Packs Returning in 2022

According to Promobricks, the long-since rumored to not be returning Battle Packs are going to resurface in 2022—but things will be a little different for the historically successful sets. The new rumored set is expected to be released in response to the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313), which is expected to release in November 2021, and will include additional troops for the Imperial Army's famed troop transport.

Following up on the Theme's successful format, the LEGO Star Wars Hoth Battle Pack (75230) will include four figures. Unlike the last iteration of Hoth-specific Imperial Battle Packs, 2010's Snowtrooper Battle Pack (8084)—which included two Snowtroopers (sw0115), one AT-AT Driver (sw0262), and one Imperial Officer (sw0261)—this battle pack will include three Snowtroopers and one Scout Trooper. According to Promobricks report, one of the key deviations from the previous format will be a new display stand for the four included minifigures, similar to that of the Collectible Minifigures series. It's also rumored in their post that the minifigure display stands might be able to be connected to that of the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT.

In addition, many LEGO fans will be happy to hear that the stud shooters will no longer be used in Battle Packs and the normal blasters will be making a return (as they did with the 501st Legion Clone Troopers 75280). The set will also include a new build for the white speeder bike, and an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster—both of which were also included in the most recent playscale version of the AT-AT (75288)—and the set will be rounded out with a brick-built snow bank to serve as fortifications for you new Imperial Snowtrooper unit!

Promobricks did not specify where this new information has come from, but they do cite LEGO directly in the article, and it most likely came from a recent roundtable discussion that The LEGO Group's designers held with certain Recognized LEGO Fan Media groups. As always, this is merely a rumor and may prove to be just that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!

LEGO Star Wars Hoth Battle Pack (75320)

  • Set Number: 75320

  • Theme: LEGO Star Wars

  • Set Name: Hoth Battle Pack

  • Parts: 105

  • Release: January 1, 2022

  • VIP Presale: N/A

  • Availability: Shop@Home

  • Age: 6+

  • Cost: $19.99 | €19.99


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