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LEGO Mini Disney Castle: First Look

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Update (9/7 | 2:00pm EST):

We originally reported back in April that there would eventually be a LEGO Gift With Purchase (GWP) that would come in the form of the LEGO Disney Castle, and we now have our first look at the set thanks to a slip from the LEGO Stores Mexico Instagram.

The post included the description, "Take the entire Disneyland magic home with you - available very soon in our LEGO Stores Mexico"—which also advertised the set as being released on October 1st in celebration of 50 Years of Walt Disney World. The set includes Mickey Mouse as a Minifigure and contains 567 pieces, but surprisingly, is only rumored to be retailing for $34.99. It's still not clear whether or not this LEGO Disney set is going to be given away as a promotional set (GWP), or if it will only be sold in select locations, but we should be getting more details on that in the coming weeks leading up to October.

LEGO Disney Mini Disney Castle (40478)

  • Set Number: 40478

  • Set Theme: Disney

  • Set Name: Mini Disney Castle

  • Parts: 567

  • Release: October 2021

  • Availability: Shop@Home

  • Age: 12+

  • Cost: $34.99

Original Post (4/21 | 2:30pm EST):

According to some new rumors, there will be a LEGO Disney Castle Microbuild that will be given as a Gift With Purchase (GWP) with the Summer release of the Disney's Frozen Ice Castle (43197). The news of the Ice Castle (43197) originally surfaced back in March on the Canadian Retailer Renaud-Bray's site, which listed the set as coming in August with a price tag of $269.99 CAD | £169.99 | $199.99 USD | €179.99.

As far as further details that were released regarding the forthcoming GWP, Instagram User brick_clicker quotes the size of the gift set as being between 500-800 pieces. Since GWP's of this scale are usually reserved for the much larger,Direct to Consumer (D2C) sets—which are usually only available exclusively through Shop@Home for the first three months following release—the fact that the Canadian retailer had it slated as a Summer release means we may be seeing the large-scale Disney Castle sometime in May 2021.

There are no further details available at this time regarding the Disney Frozen's Ice Castle (43197), but if our speculation proves to be correct we should expect an Official Announcement in the coming weeks. I suspect the Ice Castle will be done in a similar vein to The Disney Castle (71040), so we can probably anticipate a similar price tag.

As always, considering previously that this same Instagram User originally reported the Microscale Castle as being an individual set available for retail purchase, we recommend you treat the news of the GWP equally as merely a rumor until more concrete details come to light.


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