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LEGO Ideas: Castle Themed Project

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Castle of Lord Afol and the Black Knights by SleeplessNight


LEGO Ideas

A project that's gaining a lot of traction and buzz over on the LEGO Ideas site is the Castle of Lord Afol and the Black Knights by the user SleeplessNight—an ode to the bygone days of the LEGO Castle Theme. I expect that with the project already garnering nearly 7k supporters—and with 700 days still left to support—this project will most likely reach the review stage.

If you recall the widely well received user-designed set Löwenstein Castle (Loewenstein / Lowenstein) (BL19001-1) from the AFOL Designer Program that was held back in 2019 on Bricklink, sets with a Castle Theme are in very high demand. This comes as no surprise being that the last time we've seen any officially sanctioned LEGO Castle Sets was back in 2014. With the innate popularity these user-generated projects achieve, it's very surprising that LEGO themselves have not elected to re-launch an official Castle Theme. It seems until such time, we'll just have to rely on the creativity of the community to feed our need for Castle Sets.

If you'd like to read more from the project creator, read on below and be sure to head over to the Ideas site and support this project!


From the Project Creator:

The story

A long time ago the Black Knights ruled the Legoland. With the fall of Legoland and the arrival of the Royal Knights, their power went into decline and they were forced into exile. The succession of short-lived kingdoms followed, but none of them managed to bring peace to poor villagers. The robbers became prevalent and the invasion of Orcs and mythical creatures turned the country to ruins.

After many years the scattered chevaliers were finally gathered together by Lord Afol to challenge the usurpers. Support them in their quest to reestablish the Legoland and their old glory!

The fortress

Build the mighty fortress to provide the Black Knighs with a safe base from which they can reconquest their country. It will have a tall gate tower with a drawbridge and a portcullis. It will have a bergfried and a dungeon complete with a torture seat; a trapdoor to conveniently put someone in the dungeon; another to expel the unwanted guests; a stable for Lord Afol's precious destrier and an armory; living quarters, a latrine, a well, a kitchen, even a cold store with supplies for the time of a siege. Make it real!

The build

The castle is modular - each corner sits on its own base and floors can be separated for easy access. The castle is big enough to be greatly playable - it would fit exactly a 48 x 48 baseplate (which is not included for the sake of modularity). The build uses Pythagorean triangles to connect walls at an angle, while still keeping the build totally legit, solid and sturdy and with zero gaps. While keeping the piece count is within the limit of 3000, there is still a lot of detail, both for looks and playability.

The challenge

Let's bring back the greatness of the Lego Castle!



What do you think?

Are you also waiting for LEGO to release a new Castle Themed Line? If so, we want to hear from you! Post in the comments section below and remember to Subscribe at the bottom of the page if you haven't done so already!

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