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LEGO Harry Potter™: New Polybag Coming Soon

The first details of a new and unrevealed LEGO Harry Potter™ Set have surfaced on the Bricks and Pieces section of Shop@Home. There was no associated set image, and the listing only included the set number and set name, so we probably won't see any more official details on the set until much later in the summer.

If you type the relevant set number into the Replacement Bricks section of Shop@Home it will bring up set 30392—Hermione’s Study Desk. While there is no associated image at the moment, the set number matches that of the most recent Harry Potter-themed polybags—set 30407, Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts and 30420, Harry Potter and Hedwig: Owl Delivery. So, given the similar set number, it's very likely this will be the next LEGO Harry Potter™ polybag, and it may even be something that The LEGO Group intends to give away as a future Gift With Purchase (GWP).

The set’s price, availability, piece-count and contents were not visible on the Bricks and Pieces site, but we anticipate the set will include a Hermione Granger minifigure, along with a small build that will include a variety of thematic accessories that relate to Emma Watson's character from the film series—most likely we can expect a variety of books, potions, and other wizarding-related items! If our calculations are correct, and Hermione is the sole minifigure included in the polybag, this will be the first LEGO Harry Potter polybag that will forego a Harry Potter minifig!

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