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LEGO Star Wars Sets Coming in 2024

LEGO Star Wars

We now have some new details regarding the lineup for LEGO STAR WARS 2024, thanks to several LEGO sources. So far, we're expecting at least 17 new LEGO STAR WARS 2024 sets to hit shelves in the first week of January, with one being a LEGO STAR WARS Polybag, two new LEGO STAR WARS diorama sets spanning the new and old trilogy, one LEGO STAR WARS Ultimate Collector's Series set, one new LEGO STAR WARS Battle Pack, and twelve additional LEGO STAR WARS sets ranging from buildable characters to new and existing ships and builds.


According to initial reports, there will be no standard Battle Pack in January 2024, but rather set 75372 will be similar to 2020's LEGO STAR WARS 501st Legion Clone Troopers(75280) featuring both Clone Troopers and Battle Droids, with the addition of Super Battle Droids for the first time since 2015. The specific Clone Trooper unit is unknown at this time, but one report indicates that you can expect up to ten Minifigures in the set. The LEGO STAR WARS 2024 Battle Pack will contain 215 parts and will cost $29.99 (USD).

To see the full list of details, please scroll past the break and find the full list of LEGO STAR WARS sets coming in January 2024. This page will be updated regularly as new information becomes available so be sure to Subscribe at the bottom of the page!

LEGO STAR WARS Sets Coming in 2024