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LEGO Speed Champions Sets Coming in 2024: Summer Wave

LEGO Speed Champions

UPDATE (6/20/2024):

New LEGO Speed Champions Sets for August 2024 Revealed!

Get ready, LEGO enthusiasts and Speed Champions fans! The anticipation is over as LEGO unveils two thrilling additions to its LEGO Speed Champions lineup, set to hit shelves in August 2024. Introducing the LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione (75890) and the LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car (75891).

The Ferrari F40 Competizione, a true icon in the world of sports cars, makes its second debut in LEGO form. Known for its distinctive lines and blistering performance, this LEGO set faithfully captures the essence of this legendary racer. With meticulous attention to detail, including its signature rear wing and sleek aerodynamic body, builders can recreate the thrill of racing with one of Ferrari’s most celebrated models.

LEGO brings us the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car. This powerhouse of a car embodies American muscle and racing pedigree. From its aggressive stance to its bold racing livery, every aspect of the Camaro ZL1 Race Car has been faithfully recreated in LEGO bricks. Whether you’re a fan of its roaring V8 engine or its dominating presence on the track, this set promises an immersive building experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as LEGO continues to innovate and bring iconic vehicles to life in brick form. Start revving your engines and get ready to race into a new era of LEGO Speed Champions!

ORIGINAL POST (1/29/2024):

We have some more information available on the remaining LEGO Speed Champions lineup for 2024. There will be a total of nine LEGO Speed Champions sets released in the first half of 2024. We already have clear details and images on the first three that are releasing in March, but new details have recently emerged regarding the LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (76919) and the three additional LEGO Speed Champions sets coming in summer 2024.

The June release of LEGO Speed Champions sets will include the LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini V12 Vision GT (76923), which will contain 230 pieces and will be $26.99 (USD). The second set is not completely known just yet, but we do know that LEGO Speed Champions set 76924 will include 806 pieces and will retail for $49.99 (USD), and initial rumors suggest it will be a Mercedes Benz dual car pack, with most likely an F1 car and an additional supercar. Lastly, in March we'll be getting another two pack with the LEGO Speed Champions Aston Martin Safety Car & AMR23 (76925), which will include an Aston Martin F1 car and a safety car.

As for the last two additions to LEGO Speed Champions 2024 lineup, we don't have a clear release date other than that they're slated for Summer 2024. In the past, we've seen someLEGO Speed Champions sets release in July or August, but more recent years they've mostly released in June. As for these sets, we'll be getting a LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 (76934) and a LEGO Speed Champions Nascar Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro Zl1 (76935).Considering both sets are hovering around the 300 piece count mark, it's likely they'll also retail at the new $26.99 (USD) price-point as well.

LEGO Speed Champions 2023

LEGO Speed Champions Sets Coming in 2024

As always, these set details and prices are merely a rumor at this point and may prove to be just that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know, and be sure to check back often to see what's new! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!

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