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LEGO Promos and GWPs Coming in 2023 — November

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Thanks to some new sources, we now have some updated details on all the LEGO Insiders promos and giveaways for LEGO Shop@Home. These LEGO GWPs will be available from now leading up to LEGO Black Friday Deals 2023.

Currently being offered on LEGO Shop@Home is the LEGO IDEAS Tribute to Galileo Galilei (40595), which was part of the LEGO IDEAS Ready, Set, Go STEM! challenge in 2022. This set is currently being given away as a LEGO GWP from November 1st to November 16th, with purchases of $130 (USD) or more.

LEGO Galileo GWP 2023

Another one that we finally have some official details regarding is the LEGO ICONS Majisto's Magical Workshop (40601) GWP, which is reportedly going to be one of the annual Black Friday deals given away starting November 18th along with the LEGO CREATOR Winter Market Stall (40602) GWP, which you can see below thanks to another Instagram user!

As for the LEGO ICONS Majisto's Magical Workshop (40601), many reports indicate that the Majisto Minifigure is the same as the one found in the LEGO ICONS Lion Knight's Castle, and the only unique element in the set will be a new reprint of the Dragon Knight's Torso. You can see a little of this detail below.

LEGO Majisto's Workshop GWP

LEGO Winter Market Stall GWP

LEGO Hot Dog Van GWP

The remaining LEGO GWP is expected to be a hot dog van, which thanks to the announcement of the LEGO Creator Expert Natural History Museum (10326), we have our first look at what is expected to be the LEGO ICONS Hot Dog Van (40611). The rumors say this will also be given away in December, but we're not sure of the threshold or the additional parameters.

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