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LEGO Promos and GWPs Coming in 2023 — October

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Thanks to some new sources, we now have some updated details on all the LEGO Insiders promos and giveaways for LEGO Shop@Home. These LEGO GWPs will be available from October leading up to LEGO Black Friday Deals 2023.

LEGO Double VIP 2023

Firstly, one of the most important GWPs LEGO fans are always on the lookout for is the LEGO Double VIP Points 2023, which we're expecting to return this month! Sources say that LEGO Fans can expect LEGO Double VIP Points to return between October 10th to the 15th with all eligible LEGO Shop@Home purchases. It's also expected that there will be a variety of new LEGO Sets hitting the Sale Section on Shop@Home at this time as well!

LEGO Pirates GWP 2023

One of the first LEGO GWPs leaked last month was the LEGO CREATOR Pirates Cove GWP (40597), which we now know will be hitting Shop@Home from October 10th to the 22nd with qualifying purchases over $100 (USD). The LEGO Creator Mystic Witch (40562) will also be given away during this time period with purchases of $130 or more.

LEGO Houses of the World 4

We also have more details on when the LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599) GWP will be given away, which will be from October 23 to the 31st with purchases of $250 or more. We also have our first images of the set that we released last month on our Facebook page, and the set is based on traditional Japanese architecture.

At the same time as this promotional release, fans can also get the LEGO Disney Mini Steamboat Willie (40659) GWP with LEGO Disney purchases over $100.

The LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) will also make a return to the LEGO Offers and Sale section, which you will receive with the purchase of one of the LEGO Adult Builders Series Modular Buildings sets. Considering that the LEGO Adult Builders Series Police Station (10278) is retiring soon, now would be a great opportunity to capitalize on the promotion.

As we mentioned in our LEGO GWP Coming Soon Post last month, another LEGO GWP coming soon is the LEGO IDEAS Tribute to Galileo Galilei (40595), which was part of the LEGO IDEAS Ready, Set, Go STEM! challenge in 2022. This set is expected to be given away as a GWP beginning November 1st.

LEGO Galileo GWP 2023

Another one of the more solid rumors is the LEGO ICONS Majisto GWP (40601) is reportedly going to be one of the annual Black Friday deals given away starting November 18th along with an unspecified LEGO CREATOR GWP (40602).

LEGO Majisto GWP 2023

The remaining LEGO GWPs are all mostly unknown at this stage, but there will be a further five LEGO GWPs given throughout the rest of 2023, which you can see below after the break in our LEGO GWP 2023 Chart!

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LEGO Gift With Purchase (GWP) Coming in 2023

Set Number

Set Name

Number of Parts

Purchase Threshold (USD)

Release Date



October 10 — 22 2023


W/ Modular Building Purchase

October 27 — 31 2023



November 1 — TBD



October 1 — TBD



October 10 — 22 2023



October 23 — 31 2023



November 18 — TBD



November 18 — TBD



December 1 — TBD



October 1 — 12 2023




December 2023


$100+ (Disney)

October 23 — 31 2023

As always, these set details and prices are merely a rumor at this point and may prove to be just that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!

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