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LEGO Pick a Brick Build Exclusives: Not Available in US

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

LEGO Pick a Brick

In order to celebrate the release of the new LEGO Pick a Brick (PAB) experience, LEGO will be offering seven custom and exclusive LEGO sets that were designed by some of the community's best fan designers. The LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick builds are not available in the US at this time, but the site reflects that they will be made available soon—exactly when isn't clear.

How Will It Work?

According to the LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick build webpage, you just:

"Simply choose a fan designer build below, and with just a few clicks you can purchase a hand-selected pack filled with the bricks and elements to build it yourself. Customize your build with the bricks you already have at home, or add extra bricks to your basket."
LEGO Pick a Brick build

Most of the LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick sets are around 200 pieces and cost between $14 (USD) to $30 (USD), which is a good deal for some and not so much for others as the Price-per-piece (PPP) comes out to be between ¢.08/piece and ¢.15/piece. It doesn't seem like too good of a value for your money, unless you prefer to follow instructions rather than MOC something up yourself.

As far as turnaround time, all the individual elements that are used in these Pick a Brick Build or Pack are from LEGO's 'Bestseller' selection, and are subject to much faster shipping times than 'Standard' elements—which come from overseas. The fine print also goes on to read that if you're adding additional elements to your Pick a Brick bag, you'll want to make sure they're from the 'Bestseller' category as well to avoid additional costs or multiple deliveries.

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