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LEGO Ideas Dream Holiday Sailboat: August GWP

LEGO Ideas Dream Holiday Sailboat (40487) is now expected to be given away as a Gift With Purchase on Shop@Home in August. The set was the Grand Prize Winner in 2020's LEGO Ideas BUILD THAT HOLIDAY INTO THAT HOLIDAY! competition. The set was submitted by the LEGO Ideas user YC_SOLO and was originally called Sailing Ship Adventure, and it went on to receive the majority votes over fourteen other projects. The goal of the competition was to create a Summer-themed set that would be given away at a later date.

There are no Official Images of the set just yet, but as with the previous LEGO Ideas GWP—Vintage Car (40448)—we don't anticipate the design varying too greatly from the Official Set. The GWP promotion will begin on August 1st for LEGO VIP members, before becoming more widely available on August 4th. The set will contain around 200 pieces, which is roughly a $20 value, and surprisingly enough the price threshold for the GWP will be $200 | €200—which is the highest cost threshold for a non-set-specific GWP since recent memory.

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