LEGO Sets Retiring in 2021: Complete List

Update (5/9 | 2:00pm EST):

We now have some new details regarding the latest Jurassic World™ sets to hit the End of Life (EOL) List for 2021, and it just so happens to be the largest Jurassic set ever produced by The LEGO Group—Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage (75936).

The set originally hit shelves back in 2019 and has made a good run of the market. The Official Retirement date is slated for January 1, 2022, but that doesn't mean it will be available up until that date. Typically, TLG will wind down production of the set over the course of the next six months or so, and it may become increasingly difficult to come by—so, if you don't wish to miss out you should consider picking it up sooner rather than later!

Update (4/22 | 2:00pm EST):

It has been confirmed by multiple sources (PromoBricks / Brickfanatics) now that the following sets have reached the end of production (end of life/EOL), and the final stock is available on Shop@Home and still at some Major Retailers:

75954 Hogwarts™ Great Hall $99.99 | $99.99 Amazon | LEGO

75935 Jurassic World Baryonyx Face-off $47.99 | $59.99 Amazon | LEGO

75891 Chevrolet Camaro ZR1 $14.99 | $14.99 Amazon | LEGO

75895 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo $14.99 | $14.99 Amazon | LEGO

These won't be hanging around for much longer, so if you've been on the fence with any one of these sets, you'll need to move fast before they're only available on the secondary market! If you scroll past the updates section below, you can also find a complete listing of every other set that is anticipated to be retiring soon as well.

As always, if you purchase using any of the hyperlinks above, Pickle Bricks may receive a small commission, which is what helps us continue bringing LEGO news to you daily!

Update (4/13 | 4:00pm EST):

Recent additions to the End of Life list include the addition of sets in the Creator Expert Theme as well as the addition of many new LEGO Harry Potter sets. One point of contention is the addition of two of the Hogwarts Moments sets, which may be being discontinued due to poor sales and production issues.

Upon request, we've created a full compilation of all the supposed retirees for 2021, that we know of so far. As we reported previously some of the sets will be retiring in march, and will be designated with an asterisk (*), and the rest are slated for a Summer 2021 End of Life date.

If you missed the previous article, the information sourced here is garnered as a result of contacting major manufacturers to confirm whether or not they'll be getting more of these sets in stock, or when their orders for these specific products will end. That being said, just because the major retailers will no longer be getting them doesn't mean that Shop@Home won't be carrying them going forward.

As a note regarding the addition of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall (75954), as we reported previously with the upcoming 2nd set of 2021 sets for the Theme, it's very likely this set will be going out of production very soon—so now may be the last time to buy if you've been on the fence!

As always, you can head directly to the listed retailer below by clicking the hyperlink to the right of the sets—when you do so, Pickle Bricks Blog may receive a small commission as part of the Amazon and Lego Affiliate Marketing Program. Your continued support helps us in continuing to bring you all the latest news and announcements from The Lego Group!

End of Life List 2021

LEGO Architecture

21043 San Francisco $39.99 | $49.99 Amazon | LEGO

21045 Trafalgar Square $63.99 | $79.99 Amazon | LEGO

21046 Empire State Building $103.75 | $129.99 Amazon | LEGO

21052 Dubai $47.99 | $59.99 Amazon | LEGO

21028 New York City $53.95 | $59.99 Amazon | LEGO

21034 London $31.99 | $39.99 Amazon | LEGO

21044 Paris $39.99 | $49.99 Amazon | LEGO

21042 Statue of Liberty $95.99 | $119.99 Amazon | LEGO

21051 Tokyo $47.99 | $59.99 Amazon | LEGO

21054 The White House $99.99 | $99.99 Amazon | LEGO


60221 Diving Yacht* $16.00 | $19.99 Amazon | LEGO

60228 Rocket and Launch Control* $99.99 | $99.99 Amazon | LEGO

60254 Race Boat Transporter* $23.99 | $29.99 Amazon | LEGO

LEGO Creator

31097 Town House/Pet Shop/Cafe* $79.99 | $79.99 Amazon | LEGO

LEGO Creator Expert

10258 London Bus $135.00 | $139.99 Amazon | LEGO

10261 Roller Coaster $379.95 | $379.99 Amazon | LEGO

10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 $149.95 | $149.99 Amazon | LEGO

10264 Corner Garage $199.95 | $199.99 Amazon | LEGO

10267 Gingerbread House $99.95 | $99.99 Amazon | LEGO

10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy $99.95 | $99.99 Amazon | LEGO

LEGO Disney

43172 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace $71.97 | $79.99 Amazon | LEGO

41165 Anna's Canoe Expedition $16.00 | $19.99 Amazon | LEGO

43180 Belle's Castle Celebration $38.99 | $49.99 Amazon | LEGO


41919 Power Bracelet $4.99 | $4.99 Amazon | LEGO

41911 Go Team! Bracelet $4.99 | $4.99 Amazon | LEGO


10840 Big Fair* $79.99 | $79.99 Amazon | LEGO

10871 Airport $24.99 | $24.99 Amazon | LEGO