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LEGO Netflix's Queer Eye Apartment: First Info

According to several sources on Instagram, the next set that will be joining the LEGO Adult Builder's Series (18+) Lineup (formerly, Creator Expert), will be The Queer Eye Loft, from Netflix's TV Series Queer Eye, More than a Makeover. Instagram user brick_clicker originally posted a rumor several months ago on their page, citing that the set number would be 10291, and would contain 974 pieces, retail for around $100 USD, and would also be releasing in August 2021. Also rumored by the same Instagram account, they've revealed details on LEGO Creator Expert Camp Nou (10284) and also details on an unknown LEGO Creator Expert "World Building" (10294).

Considering both Camp Nou (10284) and the otherwise ambiguous "World Building" (10294) both share the same numeric Set Number value of the LEGO Adult Builder's Series (18+)—of which, the leaked box art for Camp Nou (10284) confirms—it appears that the Queer Eye Loft set, known simply as Set 10291, will also be filed under that theme as well. It's also interesting to consider that the popular Netflix series takes place in a different city with each season, and subsequently the setting of the Queer Eye Loft changes, leading one to consider—which apartment will be featured?

Since their initial post, brick_clicker released a post including an image of a LEGO Minifigure representative of Tan France, one of the 5 hosts of the program, which is starting to build some credibility as to the fact that this set may actual be coming sooner than later. Following brick_clicker's slew of posts regarding the rumored set, as of today another Instagram user (lego_fulcrum), shared an image of what appears to be Antoni Porowski, with his patented red bandana and white tee look. Considering how frequently in the past brick_clicker has proven their information to be accurate, what with the latest leaked images of LEGO Creator Expert's Camp Nou (10284) circulating the web, it seems pretty likely that the rumors will be proved to be true in due course.

As always, this is mere speculation and may prove to be just a rumor, but considering the Instagram user's accuracy in the past—and considering the fact that multiple images have surfaced of LEGO Minifigures that match the appearance of the show's cast—I think it's pretty likely we'll be hearing some Official Information in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or head to the bottom of the page to Subscribe and stay in-the-know! We'll be following any new updates and revelations in the meantime!


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