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LEGO Ninjago® Legacy Sets: First Rumors

There are a few sources now reporting on the first details regarding 2022's lineup of LEGO Ninjago® sets—whose primary focus will be on Ninjago® Legacy for the first wave, with the second wave of sets focusing on Season 16, which will follow in March 2022. The full rumored list of LEGO Ninjago® sets is below:

  • Jay’s Thunder Dragon

  • Lloyd’s Car

  • Zane’s Power Up Mech

  • Ninjago® 4+ Mech

  • Legendary Dragon

  • Kai Vehicle

  • Power Spinjitzu Jay

  • Power Spinjitzu Kai

  • Power Spinjitzu Lloyd

  • Ninjago® modular building

  • MBD

According to brick_clicker, the next addition to the LEGO Ninjago® Modular Building series—whose most recent addition LEGO Ninjago City Gardens (71741) released this past January to much acclaim—will come in a vastly reduced scale and price-point. According to brick_clicker, and cross-referenced by another user on Eurobrick's forum back in July, the set will contain roughly 1,300 pieces and will retail for around $120 USD; it will also release on January 1st as the LEGO Ninjago® Modulars have done so in the past. Also, according to the new information, the mysterious set which is only being referred to as "MBD" is either a reference to the LEGO Master Builder Series—whose sets you may know as LEGO Star Wars™ Mos Eisley Cantina™ (75290) or Assault on Hoth (75098)—or it could also be a reference to another LEGO Modular Building set coming in 2022.

As always, these are merely rumors at the moment and should be treated as such. We'll be following this story closely, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and head to the bottom of the page to subscribe to stay informed whenever new LEGO news emerges!


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