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LEGO THE BATMAN Sets: Officially Revealed

We now have our first official look at the LEGO THE BATMAN sets which are going to be based on the film, expected to release in 2022. Similar to the LEGO Marvel Avengers Black Widow sets, THE BATMAN sets are releasing well before their associated films, giving LEGO fans a glimpse into the various characters and settings from the film.

The LEGO THE BATMAN lineup will include four new sets, releasing on November 1st in North America, and then worldwide beginning January 1st, 2022. There will be four new sets, three new LEGO DC Batman sets and one LEGO Technic set, the first licensed LEGO DC set to bridge the gap between LEGO System and Technic.

It's unclear why the different regions are receiving separate release-dates, but it's most likely due to licensing agreements specific to the region, or it may even be related to production issues/delays.


76179 Batman™ & Selina Kyle™ Motorcycle Pursuit 149 parts $14.99 Preorder

76181 Batmobile™: The Penguin™ Chase 392 parts $39.99 Preorder

76183 Batcave™: The Riddler Face-Off 581 parts $69.99 Preorder

42127 Technic THE BATMAN — Batmobile™ 1360 parts $99.99 Preorder

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