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LEGO Technic Sets Coming in 2022

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We have the comprehensive list of all LEGO Technic sets that will be coming between January and March 2022. So far, for next year we can expect at least twelve new LEGO Technic sets in the first two waves, with probably a few more coming later in the year. The most notable will be a LEGO Technic Formula One race car, which we don't know the specific race team's formula one car that will be featured, but it'll be one of the larger sets coming. There will also be a new LEGO Technic App-Controlled vehicle releasing in March, but we don't know the specifics other than that the vehicle will have a type of transformation feature. In 2022, we'll also be getting two new Monster Jam vehicles.

LEGO Technic Sets Coming in 2022

42127 The Batman — Batmobile™ 1,360 parts $99.99 01/01/2022

42130 BMW M1000 RR K66 1,922 parts $199.99 03/01/2022

42132 Chopper 163 parts $9.99 01/01/2022

42133 Telescopic Loader 143 parts $9.99 03/01/2022

42134 Monster Jam Megalodon 260 parts $19.99 01/01/2022

42135 Monster El Toro Loco 247 parts $19.99 01/01/2022

42136 John Deere 9R N/A parts $29.99 01/01/2022

42137 Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 422 parts $49.99 01/01/2022

42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 544 parts $49.99 01/01/2022

42139 All-Terrain Vehicle 764 parts $74.99 03/01/2022

42140 App-controlled Vehicle 772 parts $129.99 03/01/2022

42141 Formel 1 Race Car 1,431 parts $179.99 03/01/2022


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