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Maltese Cross Half Caparison Bundle

Maltese Cross Half Caparison Bundle


A caparison is a cloth covering laid over a horse or other animal for protection and decoration. Outfit your Maltese Cross Banner Knights with this LEGO® Compatible Horse Caparison. Combine it with our Horse Helmet Armor, Ridged Sallet, or Horse Reins to create a truly formidable cavalry battalion! 


The Maltese Cross Half Caparison Bundle includes:

x1 Black Maltese Cross Half Caparison

x1 Black Minifigure Saddle Skirt


Note: Caparison will only fit newer style LEGO® horses as pictured.

Color: Black
Only 4 left in stock

ABS Plastic

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a hard plastic, it’s very scratch resistant and is optimal for achieving the perfect clutch power! Its a great material for a brick that needs to endure decades of play and be passed down from generation to generation. It's is the type of material that's used to make the classic LEGO® brick as well as LEGO® DUPLO®.

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