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LEGO Winter Village: First Info

Some new rumors have begun circulating the web regarding what is being referred to simply as LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village (10293), which will be 2021's addition to the Winter Village sub-theme of the Creator Expert line of products. There are no pertinent details other than that the set will retail for $99.99 (USD) and will release around the same time as the LEGO Ideas Home Alone Mccallister's House (21329) in late September—which will be right on-par with past LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village releases, with the most recent addition, Elf Club House (10275), having released on Shop@Home on September 24th, 2020.

LEGO have been releasing Winter Village sets once a year without fail as part of the Creator Expert Theme since 2009, and we expect no change in their release schedule for 2021. To-date, LEGO have released a Creator Expert Winter Village Toy Shop (10199), Bakery (10216), Post Office (10222), Cottage (10229), Market (10235), Santa's Workshop (10245), a second Toy Shop (10249), Holiday Train (10254), Train Station (10259), Fire Station (10263), Gingerbread House (10267), and Elf Club House (10275)—so it begs the question, what else could they add to the Winter Village?

One thing that is for certain is that with the addition of a new LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village set, we can almost certifiably guarantee that the Gingerbread House (10267), which released in 2019, will most likely be making its exit in the coming months, so be sure to pick one up before it's too late! Also, if all this Christmas-in-July talk has got you thinking about starting your Christmas shopping early this year (rather than last minute), definitely take a look at the Retiring Soon Article we shared recently! That way you can grab whatever sets are leaving shelves soon!

As always, these are merely rumors at the moment and should be treated as such. We'll be following this story closely, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and head to the bottom of the page to subscribe to stay informed whenever new LEGO news emerges!

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