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LEGO VIP Collectable Coins Will Return: Official Statement from LEGO

With the latest LEGO VIP Collectable Coin having dropped on May 20th, much to the chagrin of the LEGO Community, it went as quickly as it came. For anyone that missed out on the fifth and final coin, or any of the previous coin releases, you will have another chance to acquire it later this year.

Speaking in a recent roundtable discussion with LEGO Fan Media sites, LEGO broached the topic of the much sought after collectable coins:

When we put up the next batch, we’ll put them up the same way we did the first one. So if you got one the first time, it’s not available to you the second time. And if we have some left over, then we can decide if we want to open it up more. -Jason Whiting, Global VIP Program Director

So it seems like the coins will make a return later in 2021, and will be limited to only VIPs who haven't already received one the last time they were available. That being said, it's not clear if it will be restricted to 1 coin per household or if it will be one per VIP Account. Most likely it will be the latter, which means you can probably still expect to see a good amount of these coins ending up on the aftermarket the second time around. The reason The LEGO Group are planning to re-release is almost certainly a result of the amount of fans who collected all of the previous coins but missed out on the fifth and most sought-after coin.

The intent was never to [cause] a situation where somebody was missing the thing that they wanted. -Jason Whiting, Global VIP Program Director

We're going to be reporting more on the situation as TLG announces the subsequent release dates. We don't anticipate that the collectable coins will just sporadically appear on the VIP Rewards Section of Shop@Home, and expect LEGO to announce availability at a later date. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Subscribe at the bottom of the page to stay in the know!

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