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LEGO Super Mario™: Peach's Castle D2C Set Rumors

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According to Instagram User greekbricks, there are new rumors regarding another LEGO Super Mario™ Direct to Consumer (D2C) set that's expected to release on Shop@Home in August. The previous D2C to release under the LEGO Super Mario™ theme was the Nintendo Entertainment System™ (71374), which released in Summer 2020.

According to their information, the set will be called LEGO Super Mario™ Peach's Castle (71395), and will be presented in Microscale similar to LEGO Harry Potter™ Hogwart's™ Castle (71043). Their post also states that there won't be any Minifigures included in the set, but other sources have alluded to the possibility of microfigures, as we saw with Hogwart's™ Castle (71043), or it may even be possible we finally get a few Minifigures of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach!

The Instagram post also suggests that the set will retail for $179 USD, which would imply the piece-count will be in the ballpark of 2,000 pieces. This is a far cry from the comparable Hogwart's™ Castle (71043) which contains 6,000+ pieces and retails for more than twice what they're suggesting for 71395. As always, this is only rumored as of now, but we should have more details soon!

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