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LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship Info

We originally reported information back in November pertaining to the upcoming list of 2021 sets for the LEGO Star Wars theme, but recently there have been two big rumors spinning around the internet: the promise of a UCS Death Star and more info about the UCS Republic Gunship (75309)—a set that was voted on last year by fans.

It's being reported that the UCS Republic Gunship, originally thought to be slated as a 2nd Wave Release in May 2021, has been pushed back to Summer/Fall. Based on the initial information we received, another separate unknown UCS Set (75303) is being released in May and will cost around $199.99. It's being reported by several sources that the UCS Republic Gunship will cost more in the ballpark of $349.99 and is to be expected in the Summer/Fall. I would expect that with the rumored Death Star UCS running about 11,000 pieces, and most likely in the realm of $900-$1,000, we can expect to see that released later at the end of the year in winter 2021—in time for the Christmas Shopping Season. Similar to what we had with the Roman Colosseum in 2020.

As of right now this is all mere speculation, but an official announcement is expected later in 2021. Most likely in the Spring, if it is, in fact, a Summer/Fall release. We should be getting more details in the coming weeks regarding UCS Set 75303 long before we hear more about the UCS Republic Gunship.


A look at past LEGO Republic Gunships

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship 7163

  • Year Released: 2002

  • Pieces: 693

  • Cost: £79.99 / $90.00

LEGO Star Wars Republic Attack Gunship 7676

  • Year Released: 2008

  • Pieces: 1034

  • Cost: £84.99 / $119.99

LEGO Star Wars Republic Dropship 10195

  • Year Released: 2009

  • Pieces: 1758

  • Cost: £183.99 / $249.99

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship 75021

  • Year Released: 2013

  • Pieces: 1175

  • Cost: £109.99 / $119.99

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