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LEGO Ninjago City Gardens: First Look

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The German LEGO Magazines have been released, which showcase many of the upcoming sets for the first wave of 2021 (most of which we detailed here). One of the most interesting snippets of the magazine is a small ad that hints at the release of Ninjago City Gardens—a set that has only been speculated upon by fans up until this point.

The current speculation is that the structures displayed in the background are an artist's rendering of the forthcoming Ninjago City Gardens, and the tagline hints that the set will be released beginning in May of 2021.

"New from May," the Magazine reads.

According to Brickset's database, the Ninjago City Gardens will contain 5,685 parts and will retail for £259.99|€299.99|$299.99.

Other reports show that the Ninjago City Gardens will consist of around 3,500 pieces and contain almost 20 minifigures, with a price tag of €299.99 euros. Promo Bricks also speculates that the set will be available from February 2020, but I think the ad clarifies that we'll see it in May.


Set Description

Artist's rendition: Courtesy of Promo Bricks

As you can see, the set consists of two parts. In our estimation, it is a 16 × 32 and a 32 × 32 studded base plate. As with the previous models, these are equipped with many blue, transparent 1 × 2 tiles that are supposed to represent water. On the smaller of the two panels there is a red pagoda with black, curved roofs. You can also see a kind of small bridge and lots of green.

On the larger slab there are two buildings that are reminiscent of towers. Both are rather small in size, but are each at least five stories high. The space between them on the base plate is again filled with 1 × 2 tiles. The floors are designed in different colors, so there are white, beige, red, green and yellow facades.

The towers are connected to one another via the second and third floors. On the right, larger tower there is also a turquoise structure with a dark spire. Furthermore, a tree climbs up the front of this tower. There is a Japanese cherry tree on the left tower.

At least 19 minifigures are included in the set, including loads of Ninjago City residents, including the ninjas Kai and Zane.


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