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LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe VIP Reward: Postponed

Update (3/31 | 12:45 EST):

We've now received some official confirmation that the Ulysses Space Probe VIP Reward is going to be delayed in North America. There's no details on how long it will be delayed for, or if it will be made available at all—which is becoming a trend with Exclusive Rewards with set releases, as we saw the same thing happen with the Porsche Owner's Pack Exclusive GWP that was cancelled back in February

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We now have the first set images of the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery’s exclusive VIP reward—the Ulysses Space Probe.

Unlike previous Gift With Purchase promos, you'll need to shell out 1,800 VIP points and checkout with the subsequent promo code from the Rewards Centre.

If you already have enough points on hand to qualify for the reward, be ready for the midnight release—when NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) goes live on Shop@Home. There's no official confirmation of when the VIP Reward will be made available, or how many units are going to be available, but I suspect the reward will be short-lived, as we've seen with the Winnie The Pooh Official Prints and other exclusive promotions.

Unfortunately, for some fans, the Ulysses Space Probe uses standard yellow pieces in place of metallic gold pieces—unlike the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283), which has set a new record for the most metallic silver elements in a single model. The set will also include a commemorative plaque in kind with the one that will be included with 10283—so whether or not you're disappointed by the lack of metallic elements, you can still probably find metallic elements on Bricklink or similar aftermarket sites to upgrade—or simply keep it sealed as a collectible!

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