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LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 21 Info

LEGO 71029 Minifigures Series 21: The Singer. (Photo: PB)

LEGO 71029 Minifigure Series 21 Descriptions

  1. Paddle-boarder: In addition to the figure (a dolphin is also shown on the torso), the blind bag contains a dolphin, a white surfboard / paddle board (printed) and a white paddle / oar.

  2. Violinist: The figure has short legs and as an accessory a violin (new molded part) and bow in its hands. At first glance, the torso looks like an open shirt with a T-shirt underneath.

  3. Shipwrecked man: yellow torso with a shell chain, yellow legs and blue fringed trousers. Accessories include a green bottle (printed with a message in a bottle) and a new little crab element.

  4. Woman in ladybug costume: printed torso and legs. Red cap with two antennae as headgear. Also included: a cape and a piece of leaf with a ladybird (1 × 1 round stone, printed).

  5. Man in pug costume: printed torso and legs, pug headgear and turquoise bones as accessories.

  6. Centaur: printed torso including arms, "horse" torso with arrow quiver. A red apple and a brown bow are included as accessories.

  7. Beekeeper: White legs, white torso with print, beekeeper hat, smoking device (smoker) and honeycomb tile (2 × 2, printed).

  8. Aztec warrior: elaborately printed legs and torso, helmet, round shield (printed in color) and stone age weapon.

  9. Pilot: printed torso, pilot helmet with glasses, red propeller airplane fuselage on the legs (similar to the race car driver from series 18).

  10. Policeman in riot gear: two-tone legs, printed torso, hard hat with visor, shoulder pads, handcuffs, protective shield (printed) and baton.

  11. Alien: Torso and legs lavishly printed (also on the sides, also the arms), green alien head, blue crystal and tools (crowbar).

  12. Singer: (see image above)elaborately printed torso and legs. Head printed on both sides. Headboard with feathers. A microphone and stand are available as accessories.

There is no official announcement or images available for the Series 21 Figures, but initial reports indicate that the series will contain 12 Minifigures, and will cost $3.99 USD per blind bag. The Series 21 Minfigures are slated for an early January release, so we should see an official announcement shortly.


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