LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures: Rumored Summer Release

We previously reported that the Spring 2021 CMF series will be a Looney Tunes theme, based on the upcoming Space Jam movie (set to release May/June)—and now we hae some news about the Summer/Fall Series.

A German blog, Promo Bricks, is reporting an interesting rumor over on their site—that the third batch of CMF, set to release in August/September 2021, will be a LEGO Marvel Series.

There are no details in terms of price, quantity, or which figures will be included in the series, but it's curious to wonder which new figures will be included. It's doubtful that there will be any Big Figs included due to the sizing limitations of the foil packaging, but what Marvel figures are out there that haven't already been made into Minifigures? Are we going to see a bunch of new Iron Man variants, or a basic rehashing of all the minifigs we've already gotten over the years of Marvel Set remakes?

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