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LEGO Ideas Typewriter: First Info

According to Instagram user brick_clicker we should be expecting an Official Announcement soon regarding the LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327), which originally reached approval back in 2019. According to their Instagram post, the set will be expected to contain 2,078 pieces and will retail for around $200.00 USD. With such a high piece-count, this set will mark the 6th largest LEGO Ideas set ever produced, coming in behind Grand Piano (21323), Tree House (21318), and—my personal favorite—Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322). It was also suggested by the Instagram user that the release date will be some time this summer—between June and July.

Even though the original design was modeled in mostly black and gray components, it has now been rumored that the set will come in a mostly Sand Green finish—which would reflect many of the Smith-Corona Typewriters of the 60's and 70's that came in a sea-foam green finish. It's not clear what the motivation for the color change is, but it will certain liven the finished product up a bit.

“My hope is that it is something totally different from anything that LEGO has ever done before, it showcases that fact that you really can make anything out of LEGO and it will hopefully bring nostalgia to adult fans like me, and wonder and curiosity to younger fans who might not have ever seen a real typewriter.” Steve Guinness, project creator, told LEGO Ideas in a past interview.

We originally reported back in March that certain LEGO Ideas sets landed on a Canadian Retailer's site without set names and including only set numbers, and at the time set 21327 was listed at $269.99 CAD, and included a release date of November. It may stand to reason that a price point of $249.99 may be more in-line with the LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) and which may point to a higher piece-count, but at this point we're operating purely on speculation.

At the time of the article in March, we proposed that 21327 may have been the Home Alone set, but that no longer appears to be the case. Home Alone will most likely not surface until late-fall, in preparation of a Christmas or early Winter release date. With the increased piece-count and price-point, it's also being proposed that there may be some added functionality to the set, similar to what we saw with the Grand Piano (21323).

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