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LEGO Ideas Third Stage 2020 Review: Results



A huge congratulations to Sandro Quattrini (aka Roses Must Build) as his Motorized Lighthouse recreation has been selected as the next LEGO Ideas sets. Sandro's lighthouse is a timeless beacon that evokes a sense of adventure and mystery. To top it off the LEGO Group has never created one with such incredible details and at such a scale!

If you'd like to learn more about Sandro then make sure to check out his 10K Club Interview.

In a recent Fan Media roundtable discussion, the LEGO Ideas Design Manager Sam Johnson has already teased what to expect with this latest addition to the LEGO Ideas lineup.

One of the things we’re considering as we go from the review into our design process is, ‘What could we do to add some special layer to the set, to make it super special for those people who are going to buy it and have it in their home? And, you know, it would be boring if we just deliver what you can see on the website, so we really want to deliver something exceptional. And we will do that—but I can’t tell you what we’re going to do. -Sam Johnson, LEGO Ideas Design Manager

Does this mean we could see something in a much grander scale than what was presented in the original project submission? I'm imagining something Creator Expert Scale and Modular potentially, with a lot of room for intricate detail. Sam went on to say, "There’s loads of options for us with this set. It’s quite a dramatic location—you can imagine rain and crashing waves, but [it could] also be quite serene and quite a beautiful location as well. We really want to deliver on detail, and just some really great building techniques and the experience with our electronics."

So, it's inevitable we'll see some type of powered-up functionality as we saw with the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323). Also, one pretty cool aspect to note is that the Great Fishing Boat from the Bricklink Designer Program, would be a really nice addition to the scenery when this set finally hits shelves!

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