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LEGO Ideas: Tavern Under the Snow Achieves 10k Supporters

One of the latest LEGO Ideas project to reach 10k supporters on the platform is The Tavern Under the Snow by user Lego_Is_Art. It is the 11th project to join the Second Stage 2021 Review Phase.

This latest project joins: Imperial Island Fort, Movie Set, and Lifeguard’s Shack, A-FRAME CABIN, Space Balls, The Costume Store, BTS "DYNAMITE", BOSTON DYNAMICS SPOT 1:4 SCALE MOTORIZED MODEL, and the Medieval Tavern, as the latest projects to reach the Second Stage 2021 Review Phase.


From the project creator:

Welcome to The Tavern Under The Snow! Come and take shelter from the cold and snow!

Warm up inside with a good meal and a hot drink!

Meet the innkeeper and her husband the cook!

Or visit the family living above the tavern!

And rest assured, the guards are looking out for your safety! Nothing can happen to you in The Tavern Under The Snow!

The Tavern Under The Snow is a set with approximately 2600 bricks and include 8 minifigures. The set is modular, and also parts open up, such as the kitchen, storeroom and part of the house!

It could be a sublime piece for a fan of knights and castle, but also for all lovers of charming buildings!

Thank you very much for supporting me in this project!

I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.

And don't forget to share this idea if you like it!

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