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LEGO IDEAS Medieval Blacksmith 21325 Release Date

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Some unfounded rumors are swirling around the internet pertaining to the IDEAS Medieval Blacksmith (21325) and the release date. Rumors suggest that a February release date is expected, and it's also being suggested that the set will retail for between $100-$180 USD.

Although there are no available details as to the number of pieces or retail cost, based on the original design it looks like the piece-count will be well beyond the price range that's being quoted. I would suspect it's going to cost in excess of $200 USD, and if it's going to be a February release, I wouldn't be surprised if the long-awaited Vintage Car (40448) ends up being a GWP that coincides with this set's release date.

I don't expect we'll see an official announcement in 2020, with the pending release of the upcoming 2021 Modular, Police Station 10278 looming with a 1/1/2021 release date. If The LEGO Group announces prior to the 1/1 release, this might cause folks to hold-out for 21325, if it is in fact going to be coming in 2/2021.

As always, all of this information is purely speculative and nothing official has been announced by TLG. We'll be reporting as soon as the information becomes available so be sure to subscribe below and stay in-the-know!

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