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LEGO Ideas: Medeival Harbor Achieves 10k Supporters

From the Project Creator that brought us the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325), we have the latest LEGO Ideas projects to reach 10k supporters on the platform—Medieval Harbor by user Namirob. It is the 14th project to join the Second Stage 2021 Review Phase.

This latest project joins: Imperial Island Fort, Movie Set, Lifeguard’s Shack, A-FRAME CABIN, Space Balls, The Costume Store, BTS "DYNAMITE", BOSTON DYNAMICS SPOT 1:4 SCALE MOTORIZED MODEL, Medieval Tavern, The Tavern Under the Snow, Women of Computing, Working Mini Golf Course and Brick Walk as the latest projects to reach the Second Stage 2021 Review Phase.


From the project creator:

Medieval Harbor

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to present to you my newest creation: Medieval Harbor.

Now it is time for the first medieval harbor set and it comes with a lot of nice details and colors. The set consists of many small house sections and all of them have an interior decoration. So you have the opportunity to look inside and explore all the different rooms. (The house sections have a lift-of-technology) Outside you can see the stalls with fish, packages and barrels and a lot more.

I think this set could be a great new Lego set with many interesting building techniques and details.

This set includes:

  • 7 minifigures

  • 2 palm trees

  • 3 fishing stores

  • 1 sailing ship

  • 2 jetties

  • 2996 bricks

If you like this model I would be very happy about your support.


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What do you think?

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