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LEGO Ideas: King's Castle Achieves 10k Supporters

The latest project to reach the 10k supporters mark on the LEGO Ideas site is The King's Castle by BrickHammer. This latest project joins at least two other Castle-themed projects that also reached the Review Stage, so it begs the question—is LEGO listening to fans of Castle, and will we see a return of the theme in the near future?

This latest project joins: The Shire, the Hobbithole of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Among Us: The Skeld Detailed Map, The Office, Castle of Lord Afol and the Black Knights, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, The House of Chocolate, The Simpsons – The Krusty Burger, Asterix and Obelix, 4½-Litre 1927-31 Bentley ‘Blower’, Scania Next Generation S730, The Karate Kid “Wax On, Wax Off”, Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda), Metroid: Samus Aran’s Gunship, NASA’s SLS & Artemis, Lego Bookends, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise, Claus Toys, Baba Yaga, and The Castle of Brickwood Forest as the projects to reach the First 2021 Review Stage.

The King's Castle

From the project creator:

The Idea

When I was a child, I never owned a proper Lego castle, despite loving all kinds of novels, tales and legends about medieval knights and their heoric adventures. As a result, I started building a variety of different castles in all shapes and sizes with the limited amount of Lego bricks I owned. Now, as an AFOL, who is still quite fond of medieval tales, I decided to make my childhood-self's dream a reality and build the Lego castle I would have loved to own as a child: "The King's Castle"!

"The King's Castle" is a combination of both realistic historic castle elements and rather nonsensical but cool looking design elements typical to fantasy castles. It thus is the perfect combination of display value and playability. The castle comes with 6 minifigures and a horse!

The Build

"The King's Castle" contains everything a real Lego castle needs! The whole layout was designed to follow a typical historical castle design pattern that includes an outer bailey and a fortified keep on a hill with a main tower and the lord's palas.

The outer bailey contains:

  • the main gate with a working drawbridge and a working portcullis

  • the stable

  • the blacksmith's shop

  • a wood covered battlement

  • a weapons' rack

  • a cellar with vine barrels and chests

  • the dungeon

  • a moat

The keep contains:

  • a bridge and a small gate house

  • the main tower

  • the king's palas with a throne and a trapdoor

The castle was designed in a way that allows ideal playability: The modular design of the castle makes it easy to remove all roofs to grand access to the rooms below:

  • The floor of the battlements can be removed to grand access to the blacksmith's shop and the stable area

  • The whole keep can be removed to grand access to the cellar and the dungeon

  • The top of the tower and the roof of the palas can be removed to grand access to the interior of the buildings of the keep

The build consists of 2920 pieces and comes with 6 minifigures!

  • a king

  • a fair maiden

  • a heroic knight

  • 2 guards

  • and 1 servant

Width: 27.8cm

Length: 44.8cm

Height: 33.5cm

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What do you think?

What do you think about the building techniques used, or overall functionality of the build?—we want to hear from you! Post in the comments section below, comment on our post on Facebook, and remember to Subscribe at the bottom of the page if you haven't done so already!

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