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LEGO Ideas: GMC Blue Chip 100 Pickup

GMC '57 Blue Chip Pickup by User Ing-Manuel


LEGO Ideas

I had a chance to chat with the project creator for GMC - Blue Chip 100 [1957], Manuel (Ing-Manuel)—whose project was recently added to the Staff Picks section on the Ideas Site. We discussed his background, influences and also covered some of the unique building techniques that were used in his project. Read the responses below, and check out the links to the Ideas Site to show your support!


Q & A with Ing-Manuel, Project Creator

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Manuel. I am a 39 year old Italian Mechanical Engineer and I design Agriculture Machines using 3D CAD.

Were you inspired by any specific LEGO Creator Expert sets or themes?

No, because currently there is not a vintage LEGO Pick Up—but I liked and bought the LEGO Ford Mustang, LEGO VW Beetle and LEGO VW T1 Camper Van.

You have a few projects in the supporters stage, which project are you more excited about reaching the review stage?

Yes I have other projects in the supporters stage like the Plymouth GTX (1970), and the Alfa Romeo G1 - 110th Anniversary.

I'm most excited to reach the review stage with this build, the GMC - Blue Chip 100, and secondly the Plymouth GTX.

Tell us a little about some of the building techniques you used and which ones you’re most proud of.

I am very proud of the front section of the Truck and, above all else, the headlights. I also really like the shape and color of the seats.

Are you currently working on another project, and can you give us a hint about what it is?

Yes, I'm currently working on a new vehicle with more than 4 wheels this time ...

What’s your favorite LEGO Set/Theme?

My favorite LEGO Set is the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron (42083).


From The Project Creator

GMC - Blue Chip 100 [1957]

GMC - Blue Chip 100 [1957] is an American classic Pick-up produced by General Motors Truck Company (GMC) dal 1955 al 1959.

I chose to realize the '57 model because in my opinion it represents a beautiful example of vintage American design, and I prefer this over the other vintages.

I built the Pick-up in two version: Stepside (in light blue) and Fleetside (in dark red).

Both are equipped with a magnificent 347 V8 Engine, with transmission and exhaust pipes.

In my opinion it could be a great LEGO set because at the moment there is no other classic LEGO pick-ups.

Functions: functional doors, hoods, and steering.

Dimensions (of the model):

Length: 304 [mm] 12 [in];

Width: 122 [mm] 4.8 [in];

Height: 114 [mm] 4.5 [in].

N° of Bricks of one Pick-up: about 1150 pieces.

N° of Bricks of the set: 2375 pieces.

Thank you all for watching and for any support!

-Manuel (Ing-Manuel)


What do you think?

What do you think about the building techniques used, or overall functionality of the build?—we want to hear from you! Post in the comments section below and remember to Subscribe at the bottom of the page if you haven't done so already!

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