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LEGO Ideas 2021 Sets: First Info

Many of you have been wondering when we'll be getting more details or information on which LEGO Ideas sets will be hitting shelves next, and we have now some new information that recently surfaced!

It has been reported that two upcoming 2021 LEGO Ideas Sets have surfaced on a Canadian Retailer's shop: set number 21327 & 21328. The first set which was labelled simply by the set number (21328) and is reportedly going to cost $109.99 CAD | $89.99 USD | €89.99| £64.99—and was listed with a release date of November.

As for (21327), it was listed on the site as $269.99 CAD |$219.99 USD| €219.99 | £159.99—and was listed with a release date of October. As far as the current sets in production for the LEGO Ideas Theme, there are still three sets that we're expecting from the third review stage in 2019, and these are expected to be the next sets in production—these sets are HOME ALONE. MCCALLISTER'S HOUSE, LEGO Typewriter, and SEINFELD 30TH ANNIVERSARY.

Most likely, considering that the Seinfeld Set will be relative in scale and with less minifigures than the LEGO Friends Central Perk set, the price-points quoted for the upcoming sets just don't align with the Seinfeld Set. So it's reasonable to conclude that the LEGO Typewriter may be 21328, coming in around 900-1,000 parts and retailing for $89.99, and that the much larger Ideas Set 21327—coming in about 2,000+ parts and retailing at $219.99—could very well be the Home Alone

set so many fans have been awaiting!

The Canadian retailer didn't contain any further details on their site as to the set name, piece-count, or any other identifiable characteristics, so the information about parts and the potential set names are simply conjecture at this stage. Since these sets have been awaiting production since 2019, it makes the most sense that these will be the next logical sets to hit shelves—that being said, none of these details can be confirmed at this time. Considering that the sets are detailed as having late 2021 releases (October and November), we don't anticipate any further details will be made available in the near future, but it's exciting news nonetheless!

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We're going to report more sets that are coming in 2021 as the information becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new information is revealed!

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