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LEGO Harry Potter Wizard's Chess & Gringott's Set: First Details

There are some emerging reports that allude to a new, massive addition to the history of LEGO Chess Sets—a LEGO Harry Potter Wizard's Chess Set, from the first installation from the Harry Potter Film Franchise, The Sorcerer's Stone.

It was originally reported by Instagram user lego_fulcrum that the previously unidentified set "76391" will be the Set Number for the upcoming Wizard's Chess Set. We previously reported on all the Harry Potter Sets coming in 2021, and the initial details reported indicated that the set would retail for $249.99, and is expected to release late 2021. The Instagram account did not site where their sources originally manifested, so at this time these are strictly rumors—and an official confirmation of these sets won't be expected until late Summer/early Fall 2021.

Also, recently emerging along with the news of the potential Wizard's Chess Set (76391), we have some new details regarding another set coming in late 2021—"76393". It has been rumored that this will be an extension to 2020's LEGO Diagon Alley (75978), featuring Gringott's Bank. It has been 10 years since the last rendition of Gringott's (which came in set 10217 Diagon Alley), and has long been anticipated by fans since that set retired. The set is expected to release late Summer/early Fall, and will retail for $199.99, and based on the price-point we can anticipate it will be in the ballpark of 2,000 pieces.

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