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LEGO Harry Potter 2021 Set Rumors

There are rumors emerging pertaining to the first wave of Harry Potter sets coming in 2021. Keep in mind they are merely rumors at this point, but there's some good research at the root of these rumors (a lot of the information comes from logged data from the shop@home site—specifically the set numbers in their database). No official announcement, or official images are available as of yet, but the supposed set numbers, names and brief descriptions are available below.


LEGO Harry Potter 2021 Sets

The basic description of these sets are that they're going to be themed after the four separate houses, each including the head of the house as a minifigure, and will also include two students from the corresponding Hogwarts house. I suspect they'll be similar to the style of Newt's Case of Magical Creatures—in similar fashion as a transforming playset. Sets are slated for a January 1st, 2021 release-date and are rumored to retail at $29.99 for the textbook sets and $119.99 for the Hogwarts Coat of Arms Mosaic.

76382 Textbook: Transfiguration Classroom (Gryffindor) ~ $29.99 | 241 Parts

  • This dark orange book covers the subject of Transfiguration, taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall. It includes Professor McGonagall with a black hat, robe and green cap, and also a Ron and Hermione with short legs and gray Hogwarts sweaters.

  • When opened, the book contains a school desk, cupboard, chest, book, teacher's desk, a toad, a rat (probably scabbers), a blackboard, and windows and paintings depicted with stickers (no printing unfortunately).

76383 Textbook: Potions Classroom (Slytherin) ~ $29.99 | 271 Parts

  • This green book depicting the House Slytherin contains Professor Snape in the standard black robe with a purple shirt we're used to seeing. Also included are Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnigan, both with short legs (it's a shame it's not the medium-sized legs).

  • The Potions classroom consists of a table with kettles, an armchair, a blackboard, several shelves, a textbook and stickers to represent vaults and walls.

76384 Textbook: Herbology Classroom (Hufflepuff) ~ $29.99 | 233 Parts

  • This set contains yet another Professor Pomona Sprout minfigure. In this yellow book, sprout is rumored to have dual-molded legs, and it also includes Neville with short legs and another student who could be Cedric Diggory (unconfirmed). Both are equipped with earmuffs around their necks (probably part 66913) and appropriate work clothes.

  • The classroom is the Hogwarts greenhouse. It contains two beds, a tap, a table, a cupboard and a book. Masonry and plants are also represented here by yet more stickers.

76385 Textbook: Charms Classroom (Ravenclaw) ~ $29.99 | 256 Parts

  • The blue Ravenclaw book contains the Charms classroom. This set includes Professor Flitwick , and instead of a brown mustache and brown hair, this particular figure has a white beard and a bald head. It also includes Harry Potter and Cho Chang, both with short legs.

  • In addition to the teacher's desk, the open classroom also contains two school desks, a chest, a display cabinet, a blackboard and shelves. Windows and wall paneling are shown here by stickers.

31201 Hogwarts Mosaic - Coat of Arms ~ $199.99 | 4249 Parts

  • This is rumored to be a mosaic of the Hogwarts Coat of Arms depicting each of the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. I'm guessing it'll be done in similar fashion to the Art Mosaics we got back in August.


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We're going to report more sets that are coming in 2021 as the information becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new information is revealed!

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