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LEGO Friends Sitcom The Apartments Set: First Look

Update (5/8 | 2:00pm EST):

The LEGO Group's Official Twitter Account recently teased an image that contains our first glimpse of the upcoming set, which is supposed to be set 10292—an obvious numerical shift from the Ideas Theme to the Creator Expert Theme (Adult Builder's Theme). As we reported previously, the set is still anticipated to retail for $149.99 USD | £119.99 | €129.99 and is expected to contain somewhere in the ballpark of 1,400 parts—a figure which left some fans scratching their heads, considering Central Perk (21319) only retailed for $59.99 and contained 1,070 parts. Most likely, the shift in cost—which still hits the ¢.10/piece ratio that is customary for new LEGO sets—may be due to royalties or Licensing costs with NBC, who recently purchased the streaming rights for a whopping $500 million.

If you're excited for the new Friends set, but still haven't picked up Central Perk (21319), you're in luck because it's still for sale on Shop@Home and also is available on Amazon at a nice discount!

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(Source: Rebrickable)

According to Instagram User brick_clicker, we're going to be getting an addition to the LEGO Friends Sitcom line of sets—Monica's Apartment (10292).

According to the rumors, it's going to be in the ballpark of 1,400 parts, and should retail for $149.99 USD | £119.99 | €129.99. Based on the set number, it seems the Friends Sitcom has moved on from Ideas to the Creator Expert (Adult Builder's Series 18+) Theme. The exact character lineup for the set is still not known, but considering the Central Perk (21319) set gave us most of the main cast, I'm sure we can expect a fair few of secondary supporting characters in this Expert set. I'm sure we'll see a few differing renditions of characters we've already seen as well.

As far as release date info, the rumors suggest we'll have VIP Early Access coming on May 19th, with the full Official Release coming on June 1st.

LEGO® Monica's Apartment (10292)

  • Set Number: 10292

  • Set Name: Monica's Apartment

  • Parts: 1,400 (estimated)

  • Release: May 19, 2021 (VIP Early Access) | June 1, 2021

  • Cost: $149.99 | €129.99 | £119.99

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We're going to report more sets that are coming in 2021 as the information becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new information is revealed!

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