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LEGO Creator Sets Coming in 2022

Thanks to Promobricks, we now have the first details on which LEGO Creator sets to expect in the first wave of 2021. If you're interested in finding out which LEGO Creator sets are retiring this year, you can check out the Retiring Soon page to see the comprehensive list.

The most notable of the forthcoming Creator sets is the return of the Viking Theme, something fans have been asking for since the original theme ended long ago in 2007. The LEGO Group spoke in detail earlier this year about how the Creator Theme would be the new home for such nostalgic Themes as LEGO Pirates, Castle, and now the same will be for the Vikings Theme. With the introduction of the Viking Longship and Serpent (31132), it seems LEGO is finally ready to revisit the Vikings theme!

According to Promobricks report, the ship will be a direct ode to 2005's LEGO Vikings Viking Ship challenges the Midgard Serpent (7018), and will feature six oars and seven round shields on each side of the ship, with a built sail made of red and white bricks. There will also be a large green Sea Serpent included in the set. The key drawback of this being a LEGO Creator set is that only three figures will be included, with hopefully some new Viking Helms or printed torsos!

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Sets

31123 Off-road Buggy 160 parts $14.99 03/01/2022

31124 Super Mech 159 parts $9.99 03/01/2022

31125 Mythical Forest Creatures 175 parts $14.99 03/01/2022

31126 Supersonic Jet 215 parts $19.99 03/01/2022

31127 Street Car 258 parts $19.99 03/01/2022

31128 Dolphin and Turtle 137 parts $9.99 03/01/2022

31129 Majestic Tiger 755 parts $49.99 03/01/2022

31130 Submarine N/A N/A 2022

31131 Noodle Shop N/A N/A 2022

31132 Viking Longship and Serpent N/A N/A 2022


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