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LEGO Creator 3in1 Knight's Castle: First Info

We now have some new emerging details regarding the LEGO Creator 3in1 Knight's Castle (31120), which is expected to hit shelves in Summer 2021. The information was first reported on the German Blog Promobricks.de over the weekend and although they don't cite the details of their source in detail, they claim it as a reliable one.

According to their report the set is going to be loosely based on the 1986 Legoland Castle System, 430 piece set called the Black Falcon's Fortress (6074).

Just like 35 years ago, the Creator 3in1 version also has a drawbridge flanked by two large towers. Between the two towers there is a connecting piece of yellow framework with a blue roof. The half-timbering continues on the left side of the castle. A water wheel suggests an integrated forge or mill. On the other hand, there is another tower on the right, which also has a blue roof. Apparently the castle can be opened and closed. -excerpt from original article

Along with the set being based on the original build of set 6074, it looks like it will also contain two of the new Black Falcon Knights figures that were included in the Medieval Blacksmith 21325, along with a skeleton and villager/robber minifig—there will also be several brick-built animals, as has become customary with Creator 3-in-1 sets.

LEGO® Knight's Castle (31120)

  • 1,500 parts

  • Price: $99.99/€99.99

  • Release: June 2021

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