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LEGO City Wildlife Rescue: New Animals for 2021

With some new details emerging online regarding the upcoming sub-theme for LEGO City—Wildlife Rescue—we're going to be seeing a return of several iconic animal figures along with some new elements also!

With set—60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation—we're going to be getting not only a new elephant figure, but also a brand new baby elephant figure; along with a new monkey figure and crocodile (which will probably be the same as the crocodile that came in the Swamp Police and Jungle sets).

This is great news for anyone who has been or will be planning a zoo, jungle or wildlife MOC, as with current Bricklink Pricing, a Used condition elephant averages between $36.00-$60.00.

Set number 60301 will be a LEGO Juniors 4+ set, and will contain an off-road vehicle and a jetski, and come with 3 minifigures and a lionness.

As far as the smaller set—60300 "Wildlife ATV Rescue"—you'll only be getting two of the new monkey figures in the set along with one minifigure.

There are no specifics as to what set 60307 will contain, whether it will just be a collection of all the new animal figures, or if there will be another new animal element that will be introduced, but we'll be sure to report it as soon as we have more details.


60300 Wildlife ATV Rescue $9.99 74 parts July 2021

60301 Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader $44.99 157 parts July 2021

60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation $89.99 525 parts July 2021

60307 Wildlife Base $99.99 N/A N/A


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We're going to report more sets that are coming in 2021 as the information becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new information is revealed!

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