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LEGO Bavarian Themed Sets: Coming Fall 2021

(Source: Promobricks)

Culminating in the success of the Chinese New Year Seasonal Sets, which have flown off shelves for the past few years, The LEGO Group has decided to introduce another culturally-themed product line—LEGO Bayern (German for Bavarian). Thanks to new info from Promobricks, we now know that this new sub-theme is planned as part of a larger overarching Theme called currently being referred to as “Cultures of the World”—which will be released every 6 months, and which will broach a variety of cultural themes and events. According to a LEGO Spokesperson:

“Loyalty to home, open-mindedness, stability and its rich folklore characterize the Free State [Bavaria]. Values ​​that should now be honored with the new LEGO Bayern sets.”

As for LEGO Bayern, there are currently four sets planned for Fall 2021: so far we know of Bavarian Specialties (28945), Oktoberfest (71810), the Mosaic Art (31205) with typical Bavarian motifs and lastly the Allianz Arena (27219).

“From the traditional lederhosen costume, to the unique brewery culture, to mountain love—Bavarian traditions are highly recognizable all over the planet. We are proud to start our Cultures of the World series with this unique German culture."

You can find out more details for the forthcoming sets below.


Bavarian Specialties (28945)

  • Set Number: 28945

  • Set Name: Bavarian Specialties

  • Parts: 759

  • Release: Fall 2021

  • Cost: $39.99 | €39.99

This set is very similar to the Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129) but is instead a sausage stand that's designed in the form of an Alpine Hut. The set will also be introducing a new variation for a classic element—the classic Hot Dog element (33078) will now come in white, representative of Bavarian veal sausages. The set also includes a car, which is going to be a BMW (Bavarian Motor Works—makes sense for the theme), although the exact model of BMW isn't known at this time. The set also includes five minifigures: a saleswoman, Bavarian woman in traditional garb, a generic minifigure, and a man in a suit.

Oktoberfest (71810)

  • Set Number: 71810

  • Set Name: Oktoberfest

  • Parts: 1,709

  • Release: Fall 2021

  • Cost: $99.99 | €99.99

This set is essentially the Bavarian version of Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) and contains a large entrance gate, spacious festival hall in the style of the traditional alpine hut look, with tables and a stage, two food stalls and a working carousel that can be cranked into motion! The festival hall is open at the back to increase playability. The devil is in the details—from the beer barrel that the Mayor of Munich traditionally opens, to the blue and white Bavaria flags, and with the tons of beer mugs and pretzel elements, LEGO has captured the essence of the world-famous festival. The set includes eleven minifigures: two Bavarians with red/blue checked shirts, two Bavarian women in differently designed "dirndls", three musicians with alpine horns (new element), two Japanese tourists and two generic minifigures, one wearing a shirt reminiscent of FC Bayern. Lastly, the set also includes a dachshund!

Bavaria Mosaic Art (31205)

  • Set Number: 31205

  • Set Name: Bavaria Mosaic Art

  • Parts: 3,265

  • Release: Fall 2021

  • Cost: $119.99 | €119.99

For the Mosaic you can choose between three designs: the first one allows you to recreate the coat of arms of the state of Bavaria, the second design features a Bavarian feast with a beer mug and pretzel on a blue and white tablecloth, and the third design features the Bavarian Prime Minister, Franz Josef Strauss, who was Prime Minister from 1978 to 1988. Lastly, all three designs can be combined (with the purchase of three individual sets) to create a gigantic alpine panorama including a mountain hut and an idyllic flowing river.

Allianz Arena (27219)

  • Set Number: 27219

  • Set Name: Allianz Arena

  • Parts: 3,618

  • Release: Fall 2021

  • Cost: $249.99 | €249.99

This set will be reminiscent of the Old Trafford - Manchester United (10272) in overall concept.

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We're going to report more sets that are coming in 2021 as the information becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new information is revealed!

While this would be a really cool concept, unfortunately it won't come to pass! Let this be a lesson in not believing everything you read on LEGO News and forums! Especially when you forget that it's April 1st!

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