LEGO Adult Builders Series (18+) Space Shuttle Rumors

Updated: Jan 26

Some rumors are swirling around the internet regarding the LEGO Space Shuttle 10283—thanks to the entry titled "LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle Columbia" which recently appeared on the Dutch LEGO comparison site This has led most to believe that it will be a 40th Anniversary set modeled after the Columbia Space Shuttle, whose maiden voyage was in April 1981.

It seems unlikely that LEGO would release a set that's based on a catastrophe that caused the deaths of seven astronauts, but given that there are already relatively founded rumors regarding a LEGO Titanic Set—whose history is also tied to disaster—it seems that it is certainly possible for LEGO to consider a Columbia Set.

One thing that seems certain, is that we can expect the Adult Builders Series Space Shuttle 10283, is expected in Summer 2021. We'll have more details on the set as we get closer to release.

The last time we had a Creator Expert/Adult Builders Series shuttle was back in 2010, with the LEGO Space Shuttle Adventure 10213—which was later replaced in 2011 by a re-release with slight alterations called LEGO Shuttle Expedition 10231.

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