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LEGO Adult Builders Series (18+) Space Shuttle: New Info

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Update 3/18/21:

It was originally being rumored that LEGO's upcoming Adult Builder's Series Space Shuttle 10283 was going to be a commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition of the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia—however, it has recently surfaced that the Official Announcement will be coming tomorrow 3/19, and it has also been revealed that instead of the Columbia it will be the Discovery that LEGO is releasing.

It's uncertain whether or not LEGO is intentionally avoiding a Columbia model as a result of the ship's tragic history, but it's a good bet that controversy is something TLG regularly tries to avoid. As far as further details, it is confirmed that the Space Shuttle will not include the rocket boosters, but instead, will include a deployable Hubble Space Telescope!

Stay tuned for the official presentation coming tomorrow in which we'll be reporting the full details, and be sure to like our Facebook page and Subscribe at the bottom of the page to stay in the loop!


(Source: Brickset)

Some new rumors have emerged regarding the LEGO Space Shuttle 10283. It is being reported that the set is expected to release in April, under the Adult Builder's Series Theme, and the reason for an April release has many wondering whether or not it will be a 40th Anniversary NASA Spaceship Columbia commemorative set. Considering that the maiden voyage for the Columbia was on April 12, 1981, it would make a lot of sense for LEGO to consider an April release.

Some newly available details on the set—whose entry had originally been previewed on the Dutch LEGO comparison site, brickcatch.com as "LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle Columbia"—gives us the general piece count and cost details. The set is rumored to be around 2,000 pieces and cost roughly $199.99/€199.99. As far as the details on the build itself, the set is rumored to only consist of the shuttle and not a rocket booster, unlike 2010's Space Shuttle Adventure 10231—which was the last Creator Expert Space Shuttle that LEGO Produced. The upcoming Adult Builder's Series Space Shuttle 10283 is expected to be similar in design as 2003's Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31(7470) which contained 828 pieces and retailed for $49.99, but obviously a little bigger with a higher piece-count and cost.

The last time we had a Creator Expert/Adult Builders Series shuttle was back in 2010, with the LEGO Space Shuttle Adventure 10213—which was later replaced in 2011 by a re-release with slight alterations called LEGO Shuttle Expedition 10231.

LEGO Space Shuttle Adventure (10213) contained 1204 pieces and retailed for $99.99, but was a little smaller in scale when compared to 7470—which was most likely due to the addition of the rocket booster and take-off platform.

The scale of the upcoming Space Shuttle 10283 is also expected to be comparable in size to the 1996 LEGO Space Shuttle (8480) —which contained 1,368 pieces and retailed for $158.00.

(Source: Brickset)

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