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LEGO Adult Builders series (18+) Porsche 911 Rumors

Some set images have emerged of the upcoming LEGO Adult Builders Series (formerly Creator Expert) Porsche 911 10295. Since these images were leaked and are not official, we're not able to share images just yet, but a quick search should yield the results you're looking for.

The current information going around is that the set is expected to be released in March, and initial reports say it contains 1458 pieces and is going to cost €130-€140 | $150 | £150. The set will be available as a Shop@Home exclusive, but will eventually be released in the Fall at major retailers—it's expected there will be a VIP Exclusive Sale 2 weeks prior to release as well.


Set Details

The design of the Porsche is white with black rims and black accents, similar to the styling of the Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0. One interesting feature of the upcoming Porsche set is that you can build the Porsche 911 in either the Targa or Turbo variety—a feature we've not seen in the Creator Expert series of vehicles up until this point. The model will feature opening doors on both sides of the car, and the interior contains Reddish Brown leather seats. The trunk and the hood of the car can also be opened. Opening the trunk will allow you to see the engine.

The box design, unlike the Fiat and Mustang sets—which were packaged in the Creator Expert sets packaging—is similar to the updated packaging we see with the Police Station and Botanical Collection. We expect any new sets added to the Adult Builder Series will share similar packaging, and LEGO will be phasing out Creator Expert packaging going forward.

We expect an official announcement will be coming soon, so stay tuned as we will be reporting on that news as soon as it becomes available in the coming weeks.

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