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Custom 3D Printing at Maker Portal Llc


About Maker Portal

Maker Portal is intended for innovators interested in real-world solutions to complex problems in science, engineering, and technology. Resources include: engineering consulting services, physical products, mobile applications, software development, e-learning, and blog-style articles. The maker-based approach is explored using articles, technical publications, and experiments in topics ranging from Raspberry Pi, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, data analysis, robotics, Arduino, 3D printing, sensor design, Python programming, and more. Open-source software is at the core of our services and projects, which allows for replication of experiments and designs. Services and articles can also include software and hardware design, upon request. Our mission is to develop and implement applications in engineering through rapid prototyping at the intermediate level, without the requirement of colossal resources. 


Interested in a custom 3D Printing project?

Custom 3D Printed parts. The price varies based on time and material use. Typically, the rate of $0.35 per gram of PLA material, with a minimum cost of $5 per order, along with $4 to cover shipping cost. The prints are also limited to the printing bed area of 220x220x250 mm for our Ender 3 Pro, and 220x220x300mm for our Ender 5 printer. We typically print 3 different colors: black, white, gray - using PLA filament.

Please attach an .stl file for the print, along with relevant information and specifications, and we will return an offer at our earliest convenience.

Click the image above or the following link to go directly to the 3D Printing page at Makersportal.com.

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