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Bricklink Designer Program 2021: Second Chance to Order

Following what many would describe as a colossal failure, The Bricklink Designer Program is going to be getting a massive overhaul in the coming weeks. Most notably, the Bricklink Team is planning to improve Server Performance by improving their server capacity, following the website's crash on the release day. They're also going to be increasing the number of sets in production from 5,000 copies to 10,000 copies, while also limited the number of sets to 1 per customer.

They initially oversold the Castle in the Forest project, so they plan to produce 10,000 instead of the initial 5,000 copies of the Castle in the Forest sets so they can deliver to everyone who ordered. They're going to re-open pre-ordering for round 1 on August 3rd to allow the four other projects (Kakapo, Great Fishing Boat, Sheriff’s Safe and Pursuit of Flight) to also sell up to 10,000 sets. They'll also be increasing production for Crowdfunding rounds 2 and 3 to 10,000 each to meet demand. Increasing production will delay shipping and future rounds of crowdfunding. Since they are doubling the production run, the additional 5,000 sets for Round 1 will be shipped in June 2022, as opposed to January 2022. This will also delay the release of Rounds 2 & 3. The final plan for this will be communicated at a later stage.

The program initially set the maximum order quantity at five copies per customer. Unfortunately, they only reported a very small number of opportunistic customers hoarding sets and re-selling them for inflated prices. Going forward, Bricklink will set a maximum order limit of 1 set per customer. This will apply from when Round 1 is re-opened in August to additional orders and also to future crowdfunding rounds.

It’s important to point out that 75% of orders for Castle in the Forest were for one set– so we’d like to thank you for being considerate of other fans. -The BrickLink Team

Since Bricklink has decided to sell the sets through Shop@Home, this also limits the countries to which they can ship. For now, they plan to continue to use Shop@Home and won't be able to offer additional shipping destinations.

In Summary

  1. For Round 1, they will increase the number of sets available from 5,000 to 10,000. Castle in the Forest has already reached this amount. The four other sets will re-open to additional pre-ordering on August 3rd, but it will not be possible to pre-order additional Castle in the Forest sets. The additional production run will delay in shipping and release dates for crowdfunding rounds 2 and 3.

  2. All future pre-orders will have a quantity limit of 1.

  3. Unfortunately, in the current LEGO.com setup they are not able to ship to additional countries.

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