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Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Invitational: 8 Projects Reach Crowdfunding Phase

So far, 8 projects in the Bricklink Designer Program's 2021 Invitational—which was launched in an effort to realize more fans' designs from the IDEAS platform—have finally reached the Crowdfunding Phase. Crowdfunding will open up on July 1st and will run until August 11th! In order for the following sets to reach production, a minimum of 3,000 orders must be placed, and overall a maximum of 5,000 of each set will be produced—so, these will inevitably become highly collectible sets. You can also only purchase up to 5 copies of a given set.

You can see the full list of projects below, and head over directly to the project details page by clicking on the image of the set!

The Castle in the Forest

Here come the forestmen! Time to go back to the castle theme with this amazing set filled with play features and tons of details.

Parts info

515 unique parts

1,928 total parts

25 colors

Creator: povoq

PRODUCTION READY | Last updated 1 week ago


The Legend of the Bionicle

Gathered friends, listen again to our Legend of the BIONICLE! Celebrate BIONICLE's anniversary by reliving the most influential moments of its story.

Parts info

400 unique parts

1,573 total parts

37 colors

Creator: Sokoda

PRODUCTION READY | Last updated 3 weeks ago


Pursuit of Flight

This small kinetic sculpture is designed to celebrate the history and wonder of flight. It features several aircraft from the early days of aviation history when engineers and pilots fearlessly pushed the limits of what was possible.

Parts info

163 unique parts

540 total parts

17 colors Creator: JKBrickworks

PRODUCTION READY | Last updated 3 weeks ago


Sheriff's Safe with Combination Lock

The notorious outlaw Billy the Brick has robbed Stud City and gotten away with sheriff Wild Brick Hiccup's safe. Now, he might be the fastest gunslinger in the West, but not the brightest brick. Will he be able to crack the combination lock and get the gold? Will you?

Parts info

187 unique parts

578 total parts

16 colors Creator: Il_Buono

TEST BUILDING | Last updated 3 weeks ago

Particle Accelerator

Join these intrepid scientists in their search for the building blocks of the universe! Creator: JKBrickworks

PRODUCTION READY | Last updated 1 week ago



The kākāpō (Strigops habroptila) is an iconic flightless, nocturnal parrot that is endemic to New Zealand. The kākāpō is critically endangered with a population of only 205 individuals.

Parts info

184 unique parts

1,062 total parts

17 colors

Creator: themfledge

PRODUCTION READY | Last updated 1 week ago


Mountain View Observatory

Hello and welcome to my next project. Just because I love the stars and you like my NASA Lunar Rover (and also my first LEGO Observatory), I spent the last two months with my new Observatory.

Creator: ThomasW_BL

TEST BUILDING | Last updated May 14, 2021, 8:01 PM EDT


Great Fishing Boat

A magnificent piece of decoration, with its beautiful hull shape, with an elegant raised bow, with fine and sleek lines and curves, inward and outward. Very subtle!

Parts info

327 unique parts

1,470 total parts

23 colors

Creator: EdouardClo

TEST BUILDING | Last updated May 14, 2021, 8:02 PM EDT

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