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Bricklink AFOL Designer Program to Continue in 2021

Bricklink, which was acquired by The LEGO Group (TLG) earlier this year, has released a video discussing upcoming implementations and website features that will be coming in 2021. I definitely recommend all Sellers and Buyers that frequent Bricklink give the video a watch to see what to expect in 2021.

The Video features the Bricklink VP, Marvin Park, and Julia Goldin, Marketing Director at LEGO.

Key Points

  • Updates to the designer platform that allows for maximum part use optimization—essentially, an algorithm that analyzes builds and offers alternatives as a means of limiting parts count for your project

  • Bricklink XP: a new mobile platform

  • AFOL Designer Program (more details coming in late December 2020)

See the video below for more detail and a nice introduction from TLG's director of Marketing.

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